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Need a will to ensure your assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes? We can..

  • Discuss your particular circumstances with you to ensure your Will works for your situation. Wills are not one size fits all and it is important to get them right. They are important at any stage of your adult life. It can be very costly and time consuming to leave your loved ones to deal with your assets if you do not have a valid Will. They ensure that your wishes are carried out as much as possible after your death and that your family members are provided for in the most equitable way.  

  • We will tailor your Will to your particular circumstances, go through the draft will with you to explain terms before you sign, and then meet with you to complete the signing.


Need a legal document which sets out who can take care of your personal or financial matters if you can't? We can..

  • Prepare the necessary paperwork for you to appoint people to look after your property and personal care and welfare affairs if the need arises in the future.  EPOAs come into effect if you are medically assessed as having lost sufficient mental capacity to properly manage your property and personal care and welfare affairs. This can be the case when you are elderly, but also if you suffer a stroke or medical event or accident that leaves you with permanent incapacity.  

  • We will prepare and certify EPOAs for you and explain their terms before you sign and then arrange for your appointed attorneys to sign these documents.



Need assistance with Trust or Estate Administration? We can..

  • Establish and complete the ongoing legal work to ensure the best administration of your trust, working in conjunction with your accountant or independent adviser;

  • Complete estate administration, including grants of probate and letters of administration, realising assets and paying debts, advising executors and administrators, and completing the final distribution to the beneficiaries.



Need a Contracting Out Agreement or help with a relationship property division? We can..

  • Provide you with independent legal advice on your contracting out or relationship property compromise agreements;

  • Advise you on your legal rights and entitlements under New Zealand law;

  • Negotiate on your behalf in relationship property division matters to reach the best settlement possible for your particular circumstances.

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